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Photos Of Port Orleans French Quarter’s Refurbished Rooms

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Last Updated on November 2, 2018 by Allyson

My favorite Walt Disney World resort has updated rooms! During my June trip to the happiest place on earth, I discovered Port Orleans French Quarter refurbished its rooms since my last trip in March. It was a nice surprise, especially with some of the changes that have been made.

The setup of the rooms are pretty much the same, but there are still a handful of modifications to be noted. For those unaware, French Quarter has the typical standard rooms similar to other resorts across Disney property.

Here’s what the rooms were like pre-refurbishment:

  • Carpeted floors
  • Throw pillows and scarves on the beds
  • A curtain could be pulled to separate the bathroom from the beds/rest of the room
  • A door separated the shower and toilet from the sink and vanity
  • The only storage was a dresser
  • No space underneath the beds
  • The TV sat on the dresser

And here’s what the rooms are like post-refurbishment:

  • Beautiful hardwood floors
  • The bathroom is huge: toilet, shower, sink, and vanity are no longer separate
  • In addition to a dresser, there is an armoire to store suitcases and to hang clothing
  • There is space underneath the beds for storage, like suitcases
  • The TV, which is also much larger, is mounted on the wall
  • Updated bathroom toiletries
  • A Princess and the Frog-themed shower curtain

As of July 2, photographs of the old rooms are still shown on Disney World’s official website, so you can head over there to compare the changes with the following pictures I took of the refurbished rooms. You check out the latter below:

The Beds

Disney World, Port Orleans French Quarter, Refurbished RoomsThe one wall is also painted green.

Disney World, Port Orleans French Quarter, Refurbished RoomsLook at all of that space underneath for storage!

The Hardwood Floors

Disney World, Port Orleans French Quarter, Refurbished RoomsThese floors will be much easier to keep clean compared to carpet. Be sure to take note of the dresser and armoire, which are positioned right next to each other.

The Bathroom

Disney World, Port Orleans French Quarter, Refurbished RoomsIt’s much brighter and has more space to move around.

The Shower Curtain

Port Orleans French Quarter RoomsSeriously, how cute is that? Princess Tiana would approve.

The H20 Plus Collection

Port Orleans French Quarter Rooms

No more travel size body wash, conditioner, and shampoo! These bottles are much bigger and easier to access when showering. However, guests can’t take these home. I’m not sure if smaller sizes are available to do so, which might be a disappointment to those who liked to take home Disney bathroom toiletries. That said, Disney World’s special bathroom collection is available for purchase at Shop Disney.

Overall, the new setup is an improvement. However, some might argue the rooms aren’t as colorful or detailed as they once were or could be, but it doesn’t really bother me, especially since the resort as a whole screams “French Quarter” and is beyond charming. It’s a comfortable space for the time I spend there. Maybe if I had children, I would choose another resort with rooms more for kids, but, as of right now, the room changes won’t stop me from booking a reservation at French Quarter.

For more refurbishment news and to see the tentative schedule, head on over to PortOrleans.org, which provides great detailed information about both French Quarter and Riverside.

If you’ve stayed at French Quarter before or are new to the resort, let me know your thoughts on the refurbished rooms.

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