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Hollywood Studios’ New Carrot Cake Cookie Is Actually Amazing

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Last Updated on August 21, 2018 by Allyson

For years I’ve been hearing about how fabulous the Carrot Cake Cookie is at Hollywood Studios. Well, I finally tried it during my trip this summer at Walt Disney World. All I have to say about the snack is WOW. It is seriously amazing.

You could formerly purchase the treat at Sweet Spells, which is, sadly, no more. It closed in April and is now just the Beverly Sunset Boutique, which houses Toy Story Land and other Pixar merchandise. Fun fact: the Carrot Cake Cookie was originally sold at the Writer’s Stop, which was replaced with BaseLine Tap House.

Now, you can find it at Hollywood Studios’ Starbucks location, The Trolley Car Café. Side note: who else loves this spot? It goes so well with the old Hollywood theme and I love stepping inside every time. You should really take a look around while you’re waiting in line (when isn’t there a line for Starbucks?), because the details are awesome.

Hollywood Studios' The Trolley Car Cafe

OK, back to the cookie. If you have no idea what the Carrot Cake Cookie is, here’s a look:

Hollywood Studios, Carrot Cake Cookie, Starbucks, Trolley Car Cafe

Look at this! It is glorious!

Carrot Cake Cookie, Hollywood Studios, Trolley Car Cafe, Starbucks

The cookie is exactly what it’s name says it is: cream cheese frosting sandwiched between two round carrot cakes.

For those unaware, this is the NEW Carrot Cake Cookie. The recipe seems to be the same, but, previously, it wasn’t as thick and the cake and the frosting were more proportional. I never tried the old Carrot Cake Cookie, which you can see photos of here courtesy of Disney Food Blog, so I can’t compare the new and old versions. People highly praised the old cookie, but I really like this updated one.

Even though some might think the cookie and frosting ratio is way off, I disagree. For me, I am a huge fan of carrot cake and I love anything cream cheese. That said, when it comes to cake, well, I like more cake and less frosting. I think the cookie thickness and the amount of frosting mix well together. It’s just plain delicious.

Hollywood Studios, The Trolley Car Cafe, Starbucks

Really, it all just comes down to everyone’s personal taste and preference. You, like me, might love this particular Carrot Cake Cookie, especially if you prefer cake over frosting. Or, you might absolutely hate it and want the old version to return.

Whatever the case, I still recommend everyone give the snack a try, because the flavors are great. If you do, take note: it’s somewhat of a messy treat and one you might not want to eat pick up. There’s a good chance the cake will stick to your hands, so make sure you grab plenty of napkins and definitely a fork.

What are your thoughts on the new Carrot Cake Cookie? Do you love/hate it? Did you like the old version better? Let me know!

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