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24 Women Disney Bloggers & Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

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This is a different type of post this week, but as a Disney blogger and woman, I feel it’s important to highlight my fellow women Walt Disney World and Disneyland lovers who work hard at providing great information for Disney travelers, just like I do.

Plus, if you weren’t aware, International Women’s Day 2019 is on March 8 (the same day Captain Marvel releases!), so what better way to celebrate the day than by honoring some of my favorite, hardworking, supportive, and talented women Disney bloggers?

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With that, here are some of the women Disney bloggers and accounts you need to be following, stat, if you aren’t already.

1. Living By Disney — Serena

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Storybook Dining at Artist Point with Snow White is one of the BEST character dining experiences at Disney World. Bold statement! 😳 But 100% true. Do you think you’ll try it for your next Disney trip? 🤔Here’s the details: ……………….. . Located at Artist Point restaurant in Wilderness Lodge. . 🍎 . Currently $55 for adults, includes shared appetizer and shared desserts with your choice of entree. . 🍎 . Snow White, Grumpy and Dopey come to your tables to meet you while the Queen (the real star of the night!) stays at her photo spot and you meet her when you’re ready. (Photopass available) . 🍎 . Quality of the food is one of the best of all character meals. Highlights were the Prime Rib dinner, and the Gooseberry Pie. . 🍎 . Theming is everything! The whole restaurant is an enchanted forest and the tree lights change colors based on what character or event is happening. The food is themed as well and the presentation of the Hunters box with the chocolate hearts is SO dramatic and fun! . 🍎 . This meal is a great use of your Dining plan credits as it’s only 1 credit but the experience and quality is comparable to a signature (2 credit) restaurant. 💡Bookmark this post for future reference if you think you’ll want to try it in the future! I highly recommend it. . . #storybookdining #artistpoint #snowwhite #dopey #grumpy #evilqueen #disneyvillians #disneyprincess #charactermeal #disneycharacters

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If you haven’t heard of Serena from Living by Disney, then acquaint yourself immediately. In my opinion, she is the top person to check out if you’re in need of Disney World travel tips. Not only does she produce top-notch information, but based solely on her Instagram Stories, Serena is extremely down-to-earth, not to mention honest. She is where it’s at, trust me.

2. Magic Kingdom Mamas — Emily


Emily from Magic Kingdom Mamas is and should be your go-to Disney mom. She’s based in Disneyland and has two of the cutest boys, Reagan and Ezra. Seriously, they are the sweetest, just like Emily, who is clearly a fantastic mom. Not only does she give her followers the ins and outs of Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure, but Emily also provides worthwhile tips for anyone traveling to the parks with kids in tow.

3. Vegan Disney Food — Amanda

If you’re vegan, then you need to be following Amanda’s Vegan Disney Food (she also has an amazing Instagram account). She offers a plethora of information when it comes to eating clean, healthy, and plant-based across Disney parks, and mainly Disney World. Not to mention, her photos will make your mouth water. She is definitely your trusty vegan Disney World food and beverage source.

4. Happiest Vegan on Earth 


Like Amanda, who I previously mentioned, Lisa from Happiest Vegan on Earth provides all kinds of vegan information for those visiting Disneyland. She is definitely the person you want to check out if you have no idea where to grab, say, a Vegan Hot Diggity Dog! She’s extremely thorough, and, most importantly, honest in her reviews.

5. Kimberly Button — KimAnd Carrie.com

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Cheers to trying sake for the first time! I had never had the rice 🍚 wine, but a first (and not the last!) visit to @yesakeorl was the perfect opportunity! It was better than I had imagined! 🎉 . I tried hot sake on a chilly day in Florida (notice I said chilly not COLD out of respect for friends and family in the North!) and it was perfect ❄️ . And God bless blogger friends who also suggest taking a photo against blue water in Portrait mode 😘 There’s nothing like a good Instagrammer to make you feel like a rockstar 😂 📷: @ambershimel . . . . #WaltDisneyWorld #Disney #WaltDisneyWorldResort #DisneyWorld #disneysprings #instadisney #disneyside #disneyspringsorlando #Disneyeveryday #disneylife #disneymemories #disneyday #disneyig #disneyphotos #Disneygram #disneyfood #disneyfoodie #disneydining #disneysnacks #orlando #abmlifeisbeautiful #darlingescapes #disneysmmc #thisisorlando #sake #disneydrinks #drinkingatdisney #floridawinters

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Kimberly Button from KimandCarrie.com travels to Disney World a lot, especially when it comes to covering the latest and greatest events, festivals, food and beverages, and merchandise. Kim has a great personality and doesn’t shy away in giving her honest opinions so you always know what exactly to expect.

6. The Wonderful Thing About Lizzie — Lizzie

Lizzie, who you can also listen to over at Random Chatter podcasts, will feel like your best friend after watching her Instagram Stories and reading her social media posts. As an avid Disney World park visitor, Lizzie is so much fun and will make you wish you could visit the parks with her every single day. She’s also really great at making others, especially women, feel important and powerful. She’s always encouraging others to love themselves. Her positivity is beyond refreshing.

7. Disney Hungry — Jenny

Disney Hungry’s Jenny knows Disneyland food and beverages like no other. From posting awesome stories, pictures, and videos on Instagram to her Picky Palate blog, Jenny covers all of the treats, snacks, and drinks you need to try. Better yet, she also creates her own recipes and versions of Disney favorites, like famous Mickey Waffles, so you can make them at home!

8. Magic and Wishes — Allyson

I don’t just follow Allyson because we both spell our names the same way, thought it is nice to have a name twin. That said, if you want a constant smile on your face, Magic and Wishes will help you do just that. Allyson lives in Florida and visits Disney World quite often. Her bubbly personality and ability to make you laugh and cry all at once makes Allyson so special. She’s as real as it gets, which makes her tour of Disney parks all the more special.

9. EverythingDisney.55 — Sabrina

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Hi everyone it’s me Sabrina 😁👸🏻🏰. I’ve never introduced myself on here 😆so I figured it was about time right😬? Eeekk sorry. Anyways I’m the content creator and the face behind everythingdisney.55 . I started my account 2 years ago and never thought it would grow to what it is today. This has always been for fun and its a passion of mine. I truly find happiness in sharing my adventures with you all. At times it may be a lot of work behind the scenes (tbh) and any instagrammer can agree with that. But I love it so it comes natural to me. They say when you do something you love it doesn’t feel like work. That’s exactly how I feel about this account. My goal here is to share the magic and bring joy, positivity, inspiration and information to you all. I do have a full time job and I’m a manager for a Fortune 500 company. As I’ve mentioned before I don’t get paid for this and am not sponsored. This is just me doing what I love. I’ve met so many amazing people because of my account. I appreciate all the kind messages and support I get from each one of you. Those who follow my stories know I have two little pups Lily and Emma 🐶🐶☺️❤️. Love those little girls. They bring me so much joy! Favorite foods at Disneyland are Carnation Cafe for breakfast, Cafe Orleans for lunch (umm monte cristo and pomme frites yes please). Favorite attractions BTM, Haunted Mansion, Pirates. Favorite Disney character would be Minnie Mouse. If you’ve ever wondered why I never showed myself on here before it was because I just wanted to share Disney adventures. I was never sure I wanted to be a public figure or influencer. I felt like that title was a lot of pressure. I’m in no way shape or form perfect. I sometimes curse like sailor 🤣 truth and obviously have my imperfections. Also let’s just be honest here it’s so much easier to snap a picture of a cute donut 🍩 then gobble it up right after 🤣🐷🙌🏼. Opposed to getting all dolled up, standing straight, finding your good angle, twirling, trying to “pose natural”, find the best lighting etc etc. you know what I mean 🤣. But sincerely thank you all so much for your support. Take care and have a magical day everyone ~ Sabrina ❤️

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Sabrina from EverythingDisney55.com should definitely be your go-to person if you’re looking to learn more about explore Disneyland. She’s usually at the parks every week and is kind enough to take her followers through her park visits — and in a detailed manner. Sabrina knows Disneyland like the back of her hand, so be sure to give her a follow. If that isn’t enough, she’s always updating her followers about new Disney merchandise she finds outside of the park.

10. Disney Food Blog — AJ

I’m sure you’ve heard of Disney Food Blog, but, if not, it was founded by AJ Wolfe. She has created her own Disney food empire, where people and Disney fans from all over rely on AJ (and her team) to provide unbiased, in-depth, informative, and timely reviews on everything food and beverage-wise happening at both Disney World and Disneyland. It’s amazing to see how much Disney Food Blog has grown from day one and to see how AJ’s hard work pay off.

11. Bibbidi Bobbidi Brooke — Brooke

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Feeling so excited, energized, elevated, elated, refreshed, inspired, grateful, blessed and over the moon about completing my 5th Dopey Challenge in my favorite place on earth, with some my very favorite people by my side supporting me. 😭❤️ Beyond all of that, I am incredibly humbled as I’m making my way through your kind comments (and getting blocked by insta for responding to too many at a time 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 aka spamming myself). It is so amazing to read that I have inspired so many of you. I could have never imagined when I started my running journey back in 2013 I’d be here today helping to start someone else’s. It’s really an incredible feeling ❤️ thank you all for sharing! I want to remind you to get out there and do what makes you happy – running or otherwise! Whether you love to Disney, to spend time with your family, to travel, to read, to bike, to sing, to paint, to dance, to cook, to play football, to take pictures, to take videos, to build things, to sew, to Instagram, to not Instagram (lol) – whatever it is- get out there and do more of it!! You deserve to be happy, to be fulfilled & to smile more! Thank you all for being part of this crazy journey with me! Things have certainly changed in my life since I ran my 1st Dopey Challenge and I can’t wait to see where they are when I run my… 10?! 🙈😅🏃🏽‍♀️✨❤️ #runbrookerun

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Talk about unique Disney creations, Brooke from Bibbidi Bobbidi Brooke and TakeMe2DisneyWorld is where it’s at. Not only is she always at Disney World (and sometimes even Disneyland or Disneyland Paris), but her love for the happiest place on earth shines through her determination and hard work in creating BBBand buttons that are the cutest Disney-themed accessories for MagicBands! Plus, Brooke’s passion and enthusiasm for Disney shine through in everything she does.

12. Bibbidi Bobbidi Broke — Adriana 

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Bam! Pow! Punching though walls and posing in front of them. Im about to get a little sappy so if thats not your thing you might wanna just like the pic and keep scrolling. I thought this post would be the perfect opportunity to talk about why this page is so important to me. Its not just about Disney, although Disney is my love its often hard to see yourself represented in the fandom. Although we have many characters of color represented in Disney movies and tv shows there isnt anyone who looks like me, not really. Even here on Instagram there aren't many black, plus size, influencers. So I started this account to show people that "we" are out here. Loving life, riding rides, eating snacks and posing in front of walls. Black girls and boys like me love Disney too. So thankful for this awesome community and the people I have met. I just want to keep growing this account and speading love. . . . P.S. Thanks @powwallphotos for capturing this magical moment for me. . . . #waltlife #dailydisney #mydisneylife #creaturesoftheparks #disneylifestylers #itallstartedwithamouse #disneylifestyle #ilovedisney #disneycommunity #disneygrammer #disneyday #disneyfun #disneyforever #disneydreams #wdwap #wecreatehappiness #disneymemories #mydisney #hollywoodstudios #jackjack #artfulepcot #incredibles2 #wallsofdisney

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Not to be confused with Bibbidi Bobbidi Brooke, Bibbidi Bobbidi Broke is the perfect Disney Instagram account for those who are trying look cute and enjoy Disney all on a budget. Enter Adriana, who offers tips on how you can enjoy the most magical place on earth without breaking the bank. Be sure to read her Instagram above, because Adriana is inspiring others by opening up the conversation and shining a light on the importance of representation. Furthermore, as you can tell simply based on her Instagram name, Adriana is full of personality, life, and the Disney spirit, so go give her a follow — now.

13. Pretty Little Monograms — Lindsay

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Ciao and happy #spaceshipearthsunday ! We went to Festival of the Arts for a bit to try some food we hadn’t had yet this year! 🌐 🦞🧀🍓Lobster Mac & Cheese and the Deconstructed Cheesecake are two of our faves so far. The paintbrush Churros (shown here) were surprisingly good! The Frosé in France is still my top drink pick.🍑 🎨We also checked out the drawing workshops in the Odyssey building. Cole loves Animation Academy, so we are so happy when we get to do this! We drew Goofy (see our story for my sad version lol)!✏️ • • • #disney #disneygram #disneyside #disneyparks #disneyland #instadisney #wdwresort #disneymagic #mickeymouse #wdwbde #disneybound #featuremydisney #ilovedisney #waltdisneyworld #dressedindisney #disneylifestylers #magicalmakers #epcot #artfulepcot #disneyblogger #wdw #gelatoni #disneyig #disneyphoto #plmgrams #churros #efsears

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If you ever wanted to have Disney-themed monogram apparel, then you need to check out Lindsay’s Pretty Little Monograms. She’s based in Florida and creates the most fantastic tees, tanks, rain jackets, leggings, skirts, and everything you can imagine. Her beautiful collections are something you should definitely check out. Plus, Lindsay is always at Disney World having a blast and wearing her cute designs.

14. Carlye Wisel

What can’t I say about Carlye Wisel? She’s full of energy, passion, and determination. It’s sometimes really hard to be yourself or let your true self shine on social media, especially with all of the judgment and criticism out there, but Carlye doesn’t let that get in the way of being her fabulous self. As a theme park journalist, who also writes for Travel + Leisure and covers other places outside of Disney, Carlye knows all there is about Disney parks. Sometimes you’ll find her at Disney World (and munching on homemade caramel corn, of course) or at Disneyland. Whatever the case, she is definitely someone who should be on your radar.

15. Disneyland Daily Casey — Casey

Casey from Disneyland Daily is all about offering important and beneficial Disneyland tips. Her social media and website is full of handy tips and information that will make your trip to the Anaheim, California-based park that much better. Casey can also sometimes be found at Disney World, which really just makes her a great source for all things Disney.

16. The Magical Miranda — Miranda

Miranda from The Magical Miranda is truly magical. Her love for Disney comes through in everything she does, including her most recent creation — Plan the Magic, a handy-dandy Disney-themed planner designed to help everyone stay magically organized. If you want to get on the same magical Disney level as Miranda, be sure to give her a follow.

17. Nicolina.co — Nicole

From tips, to always hanging out at Disney World, to her own magical fashion (check out her Happily Ever Tees), Nicole from Nicolina.co should be on your Disney map. Whether she’s attending an event, visiting the parks purely for herself, or checking out the latest and greatest merchandise, Nicole is one the top women Disney bloggers. Oh, and she’s so friendly and you can tell she loves what she does, which is extremely important.

18. Traveling Ears Vacations —  Stephanie

Are you in need of someone to book your Disney vacation? Then you probably should head on over to Traveling Ears Vacations. Stephanie is beyond dedicated in booking dream visits to the happiest place on earth for her clients. You can tell she puts her heart and soul into her work. Plus, when Stephanie isn’t busy working hard, you can usually find her at some Disney destination with her beautiful family and sharing their journeys on her Instagram Story.

19. The Pixie Traveler — Lex

Allow me to introduce you to Lex from The Pixie Traveler. She loves Disney and you can typically find her at Disney World. Not only is her Disney fashion on point (seriously, she will inspire you to up your Disney outfit game), but Lex is a single mom of twin boys, so she understands what it’s like to hit up the parks with kids by her side. She knows both Disney World and Disneyland like the back of her hand, so definitely check out her Instagram.

20. Mingling With Mickey — Megan

Megan is a freelance writer for many different outlets and you certainly can’t go wrong with her coverage of Disney, specifically Disney World, over at Mingling With Mickey.  In addition to knowing exactly what she’s talking about Disney-wise, Megan is beyond inspiring. She’s always offering up words of wisdom and positivity to influence others to follow their dreams. Why wouldn’t you want to follow someone like her?

21. Fairytale Foodie — Katie

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Even Sprinkle wanted to rock the dots today! ✨ Had so much fun putting together this classic Minnie inspired look at to celebrate and #RockTheDots and I can’t wait to have a little mini Minnie (as @abbycorkins calls her) next year! 😍 Huge thank you to @disneysprings for providing this adorable Minnie Mouse gift card to help me bring the whole outfit together! 😍 . . I think I’m going to have to pull this look back out in 3 weeks for Valentines Day (wonder how big the bump will be then! 😂)… where do you think we should go? 🌹 . . . . Outfit Details! ❤️ Mickey earrings & Minnie necklace were from the World of Disney Store ❤️ Ears are from the parks but sold at World of Disney too! ❤️ Wallet clutch is @loungefly and from the Ever After store ❤️ Lipstick is from @sephora_disneysprings and is Nars Jungle Red ❤️ Dress I ordered from the @asos maternity section! . . #sponsered #disneysprings #minniemouse #waltdisneyworld #disneybaby #pregnancy #thirdtrimester #disneymom #disneymama @waltdisneyworld #minniestyle @minniestyle #disneystyle @disneystyle #endlessmagic @shopdisney #inspiredpregnancy

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This is Katie from Fairytale Foodie, who is an avid Disney World visitor. The best part is, if you live a gluten free life, Katie reviews all of the gluten free options available at the parks. Furthermore, she has her own Disney clothing line, Once Upon Apparel, with her husband, David, and Katie also gives tips and advice on planning a great Disney vacation. She’s just all-inclusive like that.

22. Color Me Magic — Courtney

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👋🏾 Hey ! I’m Courtney of @colormecourtney, known for my seriously saturated sense of style and affinity for whimsical outfits 👗 I share my everyday life and style at @colormecourtney but here at @colormemagic_ you’ll get extra, daily doses of magic and #disneystyle ✨ Follow along for fun Disney bounds, what to wear to the parks, shoppable disney items, costume ideas & my favorite magical must haves and more ! I’ll still share some Disney things on my main account but this will be a special place for even more exclusive content! Feel free to leave any requests for me below ! This magical adventure officially launches on feb 1 😘 #disney #disneylove #disneyland #disneyworld #disneybound #colormedisney✨

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You may know her as Color Me Courtney, but now Courtney Quinn has a Disney-dedicated account appropriately called Color Me Magic. It’s in her Instagram name, but, yes, Courtney is vibrant in the Disney outfits and styles she brings to life. After browsing her photos and reading her posts, you’ll wish you could look as amazing as Courtney does in her very own Disney-inspired fashions. She stands out — and for all the right reasons.

23. Oh Yeah Em — Emily

This is Emily from OhYeahEm.com. Of course, as many from the Disney community know, Emily and her husband, Scott, are also the founders of Oh Yeah Apparel and run the Instagram account Oh Yeah Disney. They make a great couple, who are also Disney World locals. Like many others I’ve already mentioned, Emily has fantastic style that she brings to the parks. Actually, she and Scott announced recently they have a brand new Oh Yeah Apparel line that is full of color and  life,  just like we all should be when at Disney. Emily is all about following her dreams, which is why everyone should follow her.

24. magicncurls — Tamerra

Last, but definitely not least, here is Tamerra from magicncurls. I recently stumbled upon her and I’m so glad I did. Tamerra is uplifting and positive, all while teaching her followers the importance of loving yourself wholeheartedly. Amazing, right? And she does all of this while expressing how much she loves the most magical place on earth, which she visits a lot since she is a Disney World Annual Passholder.

This is only a handful of the many women Disney bloggers and accounts. Way too often are women pitted against each other, so let’s remember that we should all be there for one another through support, positive words, and by lifting each other up.

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The women above and so many others have influenced me along my Disney journey by inspiring me to follow my dream of creating a blog dedicated to the place that makes me so happy. So, let’s all celebrate each other, especially in honor of International Women’s Day.


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