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Hasbro’s ‘Frozen 2’ Toys Will Make Fans Melt

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The following products are going to make Anna and Elsa fans melt. Hasbro’s Frozen 2 toys have officially hit shelves and they are a fans dream come true. There are multiple dolls, including ones that allow you to braid Anna and Elsa’s hair, and even an Arendelle castle.

These items are available now at most major retailers nationwide, but before you head to the store, here’s everything you need to know about each product inspired by Disney’s Frozen’s sequel.

1. Talk & Glow Olaf & Elsa Dolls

Photo of Hasbro Frozen 2 Olaf and Elsa Doll

Price: $39.99
Recommended For: Ages 3+

In Frozen 2, fans will see even more of a “magical connection” between Elsa and Olaf. What better way to celebrate that than with this Talk and Glow Olaf and Elsa? These dolls are interactive. When Elsa’s arms are moved up and down, Olaf will move, talk, and glow. He’ll even utter some beloved sayings from the movie (he has more than 20 sounds and phrases). If you stop playing with Olaf, the snowman will enter sleep mode after about a minute or so, but all you have to do is nudge Olaf to wake him up to start playing with him again.

2. Ultimate Arendelle Castle Playset

Photo of Hasbro Frozen 2 Ultimate Arendelle Castle


Price: $199.99
Recommended For: Ages 3+
*3xAAA batteries required (not included) 

Who doesn’t want their very own Arendelle castle? The playset has four floors and seven rooms, including a kitchen, a music room, a throne room, a vanity room, a library, Anna and Elsa’s bedrooms, and even a lookout tower on top. The castle is literally the size of a person, as it stands 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. The toy also comes with 14 accessories, including, but not limited to, a piano, a throne, a banquet table, a vanity, and a sofa. If that isn’t enough, when the button on the balcony is pushed, a colorful light show inspired by the Northern Lights will play! There’s even a carpet you can pull out in front of the throne.

3. Anna & Kristoff Fashion Dolls

Photo of Hasbro Frozen 2 Anna and Kristoff Dolls

Price: $29.99
Recommended For: Ages 3+ 

This Anna and Kristoff doll set is perfect for fans of this Disney couple. Have they ever looked better in their coordinating outfits?

4. Fashion Dolls With Outfit Assortment

Photo of Hasbro Frozen 2 dolls

Price: $14.99 per doll (each sold separately)
Recommended For: Ages 3+

In addition to Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff, fans can also have their very own Lieutenant Matthias doll. For those unaware, Matthias is a new character in Frozen 2 and is voiced by none other than the extremely talented Sterling K. Brown (This Is Us). Each of these dolls also come with removable outfits. 

5. Anna & Elsa Singing Fashion Doll 


Photo of Hasbro Frozen 2 Anna and Elsa singing dolls 

Price: $24.99 per doll (each sold separately)
Recommended For: Ages 3+ 

Now, these Anna and Elsa dolls might look similar to the previous ones, but they are actually quite different. How? Well, they’re singing dolls! Yes, you read that right. All you have to do is press the button on either of their bodice’s to hear a clip of an original song from the movie and for them to light up.

6. Pop Adventures Playset

Photo of Hasbro Frozen 2 pop adventures playset

Price: $12.99
Recommended For: Ages 3+

This Pop Adventures Playset is similar to a Polly Pocket. You can open and close the case. The scene shown is made from a “soft plastic” that collapses when the playset is closed and rises when it’s opened.

 7. Anna & Elsa Fashion Dolls With Extra-Long Hair 

Photo of Hasbro Frozen 2 Anna and Elsa hairstyling dolls

Price: $24.99 per doll (each sold separately)
Recommended For: Ages 5+

These Anna and Elsa dolls are even more special, because kids can play with their hair! Not only can they brush them, but there’s a mechanical hair braiding tool (batteries not required) that allows kids to play hairstylist. Six elastics, two hair clip accessories, and a comb are included.

8. Sledding Adventures Doll Pack

Photo of Hasbro Frozen 2 Sledding Adventure set

Price: $79.99
Recommended For: Ages 3+

With this toy, kids can recreate scenes right out of the movie with their favorite characters. Even Sven and Kristoff’s sled are included!

What do you think of Hasbro’s Frozen 2 toys? The products definitely look like they’d make great gifts, not to mention get fans even more excited for the movie’s release on Nov. 22.

Featured Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios/YouTube; Product Images: Hasbro

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