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Why You Should Decline Walt Disney World Housekeeping

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Last Updated on November 11, 2020 by Allyson

I will be the first to admit that booking a Walt Disney World trip is expensive. But, there are always ways to save money, even if it’s only a small amount.

Twenty dollars at the most magical place on earth can pay for a souvenir or a meal and what’s better than that? So, I am here to explain exactly why you should decline Walt Disney World housekeeping — it can put some extra cast in your wallet!

You read that right. If you decline housekeeping, aka “Mousekeeping,” at Walt Disney World, you’ll receive cash in the form of a Disney Gift Card (as seen below). The gift card will be sent to your email and you’ll be able to use it anywhere Disney Gift Cards are accepted, including Walt Disney World stores and restaurants, on shopDisney, at Disneyland, on the Disney Cruise Line, and at the Disney store.

All you have to do is let your resort know you don’t want housekeeping during the length of your stay.

It’s important to note that you can only opt out of housekeeping at Moderate and Value resorts and that you must have reservations for at least two nights.

You can either let the front desk know or you can even decline housekeeping via the My Disney Experience app (make sure you have the latest update installed). Regarding the latter, all you have to do is enroll in the “Service Your Way” program on the app.

Photo of Disney Gift Card you receive when declining WDW housekeeping

If you want to opt out of housekeeping on the app, here’s how you do just that:

1. Scroll down on the main screen of the app, find your resort, and click the check-in button

2. Click on “Modify Your Check-In”

3. Scroll down to the “Service Your Way Program” and then tap the pen to the right to edit

4. You then can select yes or no

5. If you need more details before deciding, just tap “About the Program”

Photo of how to decline housekeeping on the My Disney Experience app

6. Once you’ve made your selection, hit “Continue” and then “I Agree” to finalize

To be clear, if you decline housekeeping, you won’t receive any housekeeping services AND you can’t have housekeeping come in at any point to clean, change sheets, etc. during your trip. It’s basically all or nothing.

So what if you need fresh towels or your garbage emptied? Well, you can call housekeeping for towels or other standard room amenities you might need.

As for garbage, I recommend packing a garbage bag or you can also set your garbage outside your room for housekeeping to empty. And if you want your bed changed, you can ask for fresh sheets, but you’ll have to change the bed yourself. You can also always ask a housekeeper if you can take something from their cart.

Disney World, Port Orleans French Quarter, Refurbished Rooms

Now, let’s get to the important part, the amount you’ll receive on your Disney Gift Card. If you multiply the number of nights you are staying times $10 and then subtract $10 from that total, you’ll get your gift card amount. For example, if you stay for seven nights, the gift card will be $60.

Of course, if you want your room cleaned daily, then don’t decline housekeeping. If you have a lengthier stay booked, then you might not want to go that long without the beds changed, the floor vacuumed, and so on.

But, if you’re only staying for a few nights, I think opting out of housekeeping is a great option. Even if you can save a few dollars on dining or a souvenir, well, that’s a huge help, especially at Walt Disney World.

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