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All-Star Movies Resort: Pros & Cons Of Walt Disney World’s Value Resort

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During my December 2019 trip to Walt Disney World, I stayed at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort. The Value resort is located closest to Animal Kingdom and is an official WDW hotel.

There are two other Value resorts located near All-Star Movies and they are: Disney’s All-Star Music Resort and Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort. All-Star Movies is, obviously, themed after movies, including One Hundred and One Dalmatians, Fantasia, Mighty Ducks, Love Bug, and Toy Story.

One of the perks of staying at a Value resort is that they’re not as expensive as Moderate and Deluxe hotels, but that also means you don’t get some of the amenities and bonuses that come with higher-priced hotels.

But, Value resorts are still a great option if you want to save a little bit of money, because, let’s face it, a trip to WDW isn’t cheap.

I stayed in a Preferred Room in the Fantasia building. Preferred Rooms are more expensive, because they are located closer to dining and transportation. I’d rather pay a little bit more, so I don’t have to walk far to grab food and to hop on a bus.

Photo of Disney's All-Star Movies Resort

Overall, I enjoyed my stay at All-Star Movies and the hotel decorated for Christmas also helped. As soon as I walked into the lobby, it was like I walked into a pine tree-filled forest.

Between the resort smelling like Christmas, the decorations, and the music, All-Star Movies felt so homey during Christmastime. I’m not sure if it feels like that during other times of the year, but knowing Disney, there’s no doubt they try to make everyone as comfortable as possible.

Photo of All-Star Movies Resort decorated for Christmas

All-Star Movies certainly isn’t for everyone, but allow me to break down the pros and cons to help you get a better feel for the resort.


-Most everything is accessible and in close proximity of one another. The World Premiere Food Court, the lobby, the front desk, the arcade, and the gift store are all in the same exact building with bus transportation located right outside. Talk about super easy to navigate!

Photo of the All-Star Movies directory at Walt Disney World

-There is a bar outside the main building and across from the Fantasia Pool called Silver Screen Spirits Pool Bar. Bonus: the bar is open until midnight.

-The food court has a ton of options, including an entire case of pastries and cookies, a cooler filled with already-made sandwiches and salads, another case of allergy-friendly goodies, like Enjoy Life products, a soft-serve machine, wine and beer, and, of course, different stations offering a range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections.

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-The rooms were even nicer than I anticipated. As previously stated, I stayed in a Preferred Room, meaning I was in a building closest to the food court and the buses. The room was recently refurbished and was really nice, super clean, and had tons of storage, which is always a bonus. Unfortunately, there was only one sink, but since I stayed with one other person, it was fine.

*I’m not sure if there are two sinks in rooms suited for more than two people, but, if not, that could be an issue for some guests.

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-Usually, Cast Members are friendly, but the CMs at All-Star Movies were beyond lovely. Not only did they go above and beyond when it came to helping with my room, but they gave me free coffee and figured out a situation regarding packages being delivered to the hotel. The fact that they were so great made the stay even more enjoyable.

-All-Star Movies has such a fun theme, with over-the-top statues and decorations. They make for great photo spots.

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The only con was transportation, but this is also a biggie. Reliable transportation is key at WDW, but more often than not, buses were hard to come by when trying to get to the parks or Disney Springs.

Now, I did see multiple buses running during the late mornings to the parks, but that didn’t happen for Disney Springs. And, when it came to grabbing a bus in the afternoon for the parks, well, it took up to 30 minutes for a bus to arrive and around a total of 45 minutes upon arrival.

I always budget at least an hour for transportation, because you never know. But, getting a bus at All-Star Movies always seemed to be a struggle.

Photo of bus times at All-Star Movies Resort in Walt Disney World

I don’t know if transportation is always like this at All-Star Movies, but I hope not. Plus, I visited during a busier time than normal. Not only were people visiting for the holiday festivities, but it was also Rise of the Resistance opening weekend.

If that isn’t enough, it appears that during at least the afternoons (which is typically when I hopped on a bus), bus service was shared between all three All-Star resorts and Movies was the final stop, so it seemed to take forever for the bus to arrive.

There was never an issue getting a bus at the parks to the hotel. However, it was always an issue taking a bus from the hotel to the park.

Again, I don’t know if the unfortunate transportation is typically this bad at All-Star Movies, but when it comes to WDW transportation in general, it’s important to always budget at least an hour for travel time. If bus service is always this unreliable at All-Star Movies, then you may want to stay elsewhere, or stay at All-Star Sports, because that’s the first bus stop.

Photo of All-Star Movies Resort

I would give All-Star Movies another chance, especially to test the bus situation. Admittedly, this isn’t my favorite resort (that will always be Disney’s Port Orleans Resort — French Quarter), but for a Value resort, I feel like I mostly got what I paid for (minus the bus fiasco). If you want more amenities, like other transportation options, more dining locations, closer proximity to other parks, etc., then you probably want to stay somewhere different during your visit.

Have you ever stayed at All-Star Movies? Did you like it? Head to the comments and let me hear your thoughts.

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