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Review Of All-Star Music Resort At Walt Disney World

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I stayed at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort for the first time in February 2020, which means it’s time for an All-Star Music review.

Music is a value resort on the Walt Disney World (WDW) property and is located between its two sister resorts — Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort and Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort (I’m staying here in May 2020, so stay tuned for a future review).

Like Movies and Sports, Music is closest to Animal Kingdom and has its own unique theme. The resort is dedicated to all things music. There are multiple buildings inspired by different genres of music, including calypso, jazz, rock and roll, country, and broadway.

WDW value resorts aren’t as expensive as moderate and deluxe hotels. They typically range on the lower side of the price scale, but just know that they don’t come with as many amenities or transportation options compared to many moderate and deluxe resorts.

But, that doesn’t mean value resorts shouldn’t be considered or won’t be right for you. It’s all about what you’re looking for in a hotel and what you’re willing to pay, especially since trips to the most magical place on earth are far from cheap.

Photo of All-Star Music resort at Walt Disney World

During my visit, I stayed in a Standard Room in the Rock Inn building. The room had yet to be refurbished, but it was clean and that is always a bonus in my book. If my trip would’ve been longer than three nights, I would’ve preferred a renovated room. As of publication, some rooms are under refurbishment.

All-Star Music certainly isn’t for everyone, but there are many nice qualities, including:

The Intermission Food Court is quite big and has a variety of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. There’s also plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.

There are two pools — the Calypso Pool and the Piano Pool.

There’s also on-site laundry (not complimentary), a late-night pool bar, a playground, and the chance to watch movies under the stars.

The resort is also easy to navigate. The lobby, dining, gift shop, and arcade (appropriately named Maestro Mickey’s) are right next to each other.

Overall, it’s a nice resort with decent amenities and all for a lower price.

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But, there were a few downsides, including:

It’s important to note that it seems like bigger groups typically stay at value resorts. There were a lot of students on a school trip during my stay. The food court was mostly packed. It’s probably not like this all the time, but if you’d prefer to avoid large groups, you might want to stay somewhere else.

There is only one form of transportation available at Music — buses. You can use a rideshare service, including Minnie Vans, if you’d like. But, that’s just another expense and bus transportation is complimentary.

Also, be warned, sometimes all three All-Star resorts share bus services. This can impact wait times greatly — and not in a good way. As for stops, it goes in this order: Sports, Music, and Movies. That said, coming from the parks to the resort, we only ever stopped at our resort, not at all three.

I didn’t have any issues at Music, but this is something to definitely keep in mind. Transportation is huge at WDW, so if you want more options than buses and a resort that doesn’t share bus stops, be sure to book somewhere else.

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Again, Music is a decent resort and I think you get your money’s worth, but I wish my experience had gone better.

I want to be as honest as possible, so here it goes: My stay didn’t go as planned and it actually dissuaded me from wanting to stay here again (or at least anytime soon).

I previously discussed my trip on social media, so you can check that out as well.

About four months before my reservation (Feb. 13 through Feb. 16, 2020), I booked my stay at Music. I originally reserved a Preferred Room, which costs more than a Standard Room based on location. Preferred Rooms are in buildings that are closest to transportation and dining.

If you don’t know, value resorts are quite big. Depending on the room, specifically standard ones, you could have a long walk when it comes to grabbing food and a bus. And that’s why I didn’t want a Standard Room, especially after a long day of walking at the parks.

Photo of All-Star Music resort at Walt Disney World

If you’re wondering how I ended up in a Standard Room when I booked a Preferred Room, here’s what happened:

After checking in via My Disney Experience, I noticed on the app that I wasn’t in a Preferred Room. Upon making a phone call, I was informed that the Preferred Building I was supposed to be in was under refurbishment, so they downgraded me — without notice.

I had no problem being in a Standard Room, since my stay was short. But, the issue I had was that nobody told me I had been downgraded. I discovered the room change on my own and had to call myself. I spoke with several nice Cast Members (CM) and a hotel manager. They all apologized and assured me I’d only be charged for a Standard Room.

This was yet another concern. If I hadn’t noticed the downgrade, would they have still charged me for the Preferred Room? I’m not sure if this would’ve happened, but I’m glad I wasn’t overcharged.

Photo of All-Star Music resort at Walt Disney World

Despite my Music experience, you could end up having a great stay. It’s a decent hotel that just might be right for your trip, especially based on the price.

But, I can’t ignore that my situation wasn’t handled correctly, nor did the hotel try to make up for the inconvenience (except for delivering a goodie bag at the end of the trip, which was nice, but still didn’t make up for everything else). I didn’t feel like I was taken seriously, either. If they would’ve tried to make it better by either moving me to a Preferred Room at Movies or Sports or by even giving me some extra FastPasses, I would’ve at least felt heard.

Eventually, I made another complaint at Guest Relations in Magic Kingdom, where the CM was beyond apologetic. Even though she couldn’t do anything about the room at this point since it was my last day, she gave me three extra FastPasses in hopes of adding a little bit more magic to my visit.

I’m not sure how Music normally handles guest and room issues, but I hope it’s better than how they dealt with mine.

Photo of All-Star Music resort at Walt Disney World

As previously mentioned, I’m staying at All-Star Sports in May, so I’ll see how it compares to Music and Movies (I stayed at All-Star Movies in December 2019 and had a much better experience).

If you ever have any issues at the parks or resorts, it’s important to report it immediately. Don’t wait until you get home, because Disney usually tries to make it right. Unfortunately, that didn’t really happen for me this time.

Have you ever stayed at All-Star Music? Did you like it? Head to the comments and let me hear your thoughts.

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  1. I have stayed here and my wife and I loved it. Maybe when things get better, we may stay at this hotel again.

  2. We stayed at all Star movies last December 2019 and enjoyed it very much… We are booked there again for Oct 2021 for Halloween into the change for Christmas… Cannot wait to get away from reality

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