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Tips For Wearing A Mask At Walt Disney World

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Last Updated on July 30, 2021 by Allyson

Let’s talk tips for wearing a mask at Walt Disney World (WDW). Nobody wants to have to wear a mask, but, unfortunately, we’re currently living in times where masks are necessary.

Not only do they protect ourselves, but also others. Plus, if you’re planning on visiting the Orlando-based resort anytime soon, you’re going to have to wear a mask in certain areas.

First, here are the rules of face coverings at the most magical place on earth. All guests ages 2 and up must wear a mask, depending on the location.

First, your mask must be either disposable or reusable and:

  • Fully cover your nose and mouth and secure under your chin
  • Be secured with ties or ear loops and allow you to remain hands-free
  • Fit snugly and comfortably against the side of your face
  • Be made with at least two layers of breathable material

Neck gaiters, open-chin triangle bandanas, and face coverings with valves, mesh materials, or holes of any kind are not allowed.

Furthermore, face coverings are still required even if you receive the vaccine. And if you choose to wear a transparent face covering to aid in viewing your mouth, they must:

  • Be a fabric face covering featuring a solid plastic panel containing no openings that is attached to the fabric on all sides using tight knit stitching
  • Meet all face covering requirements listed above

If you’re concerned about being uncomfortable and you’re not used to wearing one, I suggest practicing wearing one at home for a few hours at a time.

Unlike many other places, WDW enforces mask-wearing (along with many other health and safety protocols). Yes, there are a few individuals who sometimes wear them incorrectly or remove them when they’re not supposed to. However, Cast Members are usually there to rectify the situation.

And if you’re worried it’s going to be too hot, don’t be. Orlando in the summer is just plain hot and masks don’t make it any hotter. But, if you’re unsure about face coverings, I do have a few tips for wearing a mask at WDW.

Types Of Masks To Consider

There are all kinds of masks to choose from, but here’s what I wear during my trips.

Airport: I wear a KN95 mask when traveling. I want something a bit more secure and without any gaps for the airport and airplane. The ear loops do agitate my ears after awhile, but the mask itself was comfortable and breathable.

At WDW: At the parks and my resort I mainly wear Disney masks or disposable masks that are both lightweight, breathable, and cool. These types of mask is my top choice for when at the parks.

I also have a mask designed by Bibbidi Bobbidi Bling (BBB). It has a really cute Haunted Mansion design and is comfortable. It even has adjustable ear loops, which I really like, and comes with filters that you insert yourself, along with a nose clip you can put on top with adhesive. The BBB masks have slightly changed in design since I purchased mine, but they are still a good choice.

Pack Enough & Bring Extra To The Parks

You’ll want to make sure you bring enough masks for your entire trip. I change my mask multiple times a day for sanitary reasons and because of the sweat from hotter temperatures. And make sure to pack extra in your park bag, so you can change your mask throughout the day.

Baggies Are Your Friend

Whether you use disposable or reusable baggies, it’s a good idea to pack some in both your carry-on at the airport and in your park bag. When you take off your mask to eat, you won’t want to place it on a dirty table or hold it in your hand. I put mine in a baggie, which is a big help.

Where You Can & Can’t Remove Masks

There are only certain areas and instances when you can remove your mask.

As of July 30, all guests ages 2 and up can remove their face coverings in outdoor common areas, but must wear masks in all indoor locations, regardless of vaccination status.

Here’s a chart breaking down where masks are and aren’t required:

walt disney world face covering policy 2021

There are still Relaxation Stations both indoors and outdoors. Here’s where you can find each:

  • Animal Kingdom: Pizzafari (indoors with A/C, but there are also some outdoor tables, Discovery Island), across from where the UP! bird show typically plays (outdoors, Asia)
  • Magic Kingdom: Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant (outdoors, Tomorrowland), Golden Oak Outpost (outdoors, Frontierland), Pete’s Silly Side Show (indoors with A/C, Storybook Circus in Fantasyland)
  • Hollywood Studios: Star Wars Launch Bay (indoors with A/C and outdoors, Animation Courtyard), Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular (outdoors, Echo Lake)
  • EPCOT: Morocco Pavilion (outdoors), Between Mission: SPACE and Test Track (outdoors, Future World), Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (indoors with A/C, Norway; as seen below)

Disney transportation: If you’re using Disney transportation, you must keep your mask on at all times.

Attractions: You must keep your mask on in attraction queues, meaning no eating or drinking while waiting in line for a ride.

Photos: Face coverings must remain on for indoor photos, including on-ride pictures.

Take Breaks To Drink Water

It’s easy to forget to drink water, since you have to be stationary when eating or drinking. So, try to stop as often as possible. I know some people even set reminders or alarms on their phones to remind them.

Be Mindful Of Others When Waiting In Line

Please, do not use an attraction queue as an excuse to remove your mask for a lengthy period of time to eat and drink. Yes, there are social-distancing markers in line, but be respectful of others.

If you must remove your mask to take a sip of water, you should put your face covering back on right away. There are also certain signs noting that face coverings must remain on when waiting in line.

You Might Want To Get A Fan

If you want to make sure you stay as cool as possible, I recommend purchasing this neck fan I’m wearing in the photo below.

As I previously mentioned, masks don’t make you feel any hotter. But, it’s nice to have some airflow in the rough Disney World heat when you’re wearing a face covering.

Photo of Disney blogger Magic-Ally Main Street wearing a mask on the Disney Skyliner

What I love about this fan is that it has three speeds (low, medium, and high), has fun lights that change color, the ends bend so you can direct the air, you can charge it (no batteries!), and it’s hands-free.

There’s no doubt wearing a mask is a big adjustment, especially when visiting a theme park. But, hopefully, these tips will make mask-wearing a bit easier for you.

For more on Walt Disney World’s reopening, be sure to check out my complete guide detailing everything from dining, to hotels, to transportation, and much more.

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