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Why You Should Consider Getting Owner’s Locker

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Last Updated on January 27, 2021 by Allyson

Sometimes knowing what to pack for a trip to Walt Disney World isn’t easy, especially if you’ve never been. And now during current times, it’s even more stressful. So, here’s why you should consider getting Owner’s Locker.

How much disinfectant spray should you take? What about hand sanitizer? And what if you pack too much? Will your suitcase be overweight? Should you just risk not packing something and hope you won’t actually need it?

I’ve always been a list-maker and that’s exactly what I do when it comes to packing. Even as often as I visit WDW, I’m still afraid I’ll forget something. It certainly wouldn’t be the end of the world if I do. Thank goodness for Disney gift shops and the Internet, right?

But, sometimes you also don’t want to pay extra money for something when you’re already vacationing at the most magical (and expensive) place on earth.

So, where am I going with all of this? I’m certainly not trying to make packing more stressful for you. Instead, I’m here to hopefully make it simpler.

I recently figured out a way to make packing easier thanks to Owner’s Locker. I first heard about the company through my friends over at WDW Prep School and I’m so glad I did. Let’s just say it’s the best decision I’ve made when it comes to packing.

Here’s what you need to know about Owner’s Locker.

*Note: This is not a sponsored post, but I simply want to provide information on Owner’s Locker. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 

What is Owner’s Locker?

Owner’s Locker is a service that provides a storage container for you to store any belongings that you don’t need at home and that you know you’ll use again on your trip.

For a price (more below), Owner’s Locker will deliver your locker to your resort upon your arrival and will also pick it up when your trip is over. The container will then be stored in a safe and secure climate-controlled warehouse, where it will sit until your next visit.

You can pick up your locker at Bell Services and then return it to them at the end of your trip.

Red Owner's Locker container

You can also call Bell Services to deliver or pick up your locker from your room. I always make sure to tip Bell Services for their help and I encourage you to do the same.

You should have your locker at Bell Services by 2 p.m. on the day of your departure. Make sure to call or e-mail Owner’s Locker if you can’t do so to arrange something else. If your hotel doesn’t have Bell Services, you can use the Front Desk.

Being able to store your travel items in between trips really is a great idea and super convenient. And make sure you don’t store any valuables for obvious reasons.

Pick-ups and deliveries are confirmed via e-mails and texts. You’ll always know when your locker has been delivered to your hotel or resort and when it’s been returned to the warehouse.

Even though the following texts read “purple locker,” my locker is red, since I took advantage of the Annual Passholder special that you can read about in more detail below.

Owner's Locker pick-up and delivery text

FYI: You can have as many or as few lockers as you need. You can even order Golf Club storage.

To be clear, you don’t only have to visit WDW to purchase this service. Owner’s Locker is available at select hotels and resorts (more below) in the Orlando area.

How much does it cost?

You’ll pay a one-time membership fee of $75. This price includes your locker, your initial delivery and pickup aka “visits,” and a yearly storage/delivery plan, which you can select.

Here are the different plans:

  • The Value Plan ($85 per year or $8.50 per month): Includes storage in a climate-controlled warehouse. Each round-trip visit costs $27.50. This is designed to cover a year when you do not plan to have your locker delivered at all.
  • The Moderate Plan ($105 per year or $10.50 per month): Includes storage and one free visit per year. Additional visits are $27.50 each. Perfect for those who plan to visit Orlando at least once a year.
  • The Deluxe Plan ($190 per year): Includes storage and unlimited visits per year. For those who visit Orlando more than four times per year.

If you’re not coming right away, you can still sign up for a locker and you won’t be charged the one-time membership fee until 30 days before your first visit.

As previously stated, you can own more than one locker. If you decide to get more than one, additional lockers don’t have a membership fee. All you have to do is choose a yearly storage/delivery plan, which are priced as follows:

  • The Value Plan ($85 per year): Includes storage and one free round-trip visit per year.
  • The Deluxe Plan ($150 per year): Includes storage and unlimited visits per year.

Extra visits for additional lockers are $13.75 each when delivered with your first locker.

Important: The yearly storage/delivery plan is not charged until your locker comes back into the warehouse filled for the first time. This date then becomes your Anniversary Date for your yearly storage/delivery plan and determines when you will be billed. Additional lockers have the same Anniversary Date as your first locker. 

Do Annual Passholders get a discount?

As of publication, there is a special for Annual Passholders.

In addition to receive a special red Owner’s Locker instead of the typical purple, Passholders receive the following:

  • The first six months are free, which begins when your locker returns to the warehouse filled with your items for the first time.
  • The second six months are half price ($5.25 per month).
  • After the first year, the locker is only $10.50 per month.
  • The locker is stored in the climate-controlled warehouse.
  • One free round trip visit per year.
  • Additional round trip visits are $27.50 each for your first locker and $13.75 for each additional locker.
  • A Limited Edition Annual Passholder red locker.

Red Owner's Locker container

You can even decorate your Annual Passholder red locker in the “Keep a Magical Memory Here.” You can put a Passholder magnet or something else!

What comes with the locker?

When you receive your locker, you’ll find a numbered, breakable seal that you simply twist to snap off.

Here’s what else:

Four seals in a clear plastic pouch on the outside back of the locker (four seals will be included each time the locker is delivered). You should only need two, but extras are provided just in case. If you need more, check with Bell Services, because they may have extra seals as well. You’ll only need to use the seals on one end.

— Dividers inside the locker that you can use to organize your items so they don’t fall over. You can use all of the dividers or none at all.

A lidded tray for smaller items.

Paperwork details usage rules, tips, and directions.

Owner's Locker paperwork

Can you get insurance?

The simple answer: not through Owner’s Locker.

In the words of the company, “Your locker is for your personal items, but it is not a safe.”

They also state, “The arrangement between you and Owner’s Locker is called a bailment, which means we take custody of your locker and agree to exercise due care when it is in our control. You agree that our liability is strictly limited to replacement of the locker itself and a maximum $100 for the contents.”

The liability only applies when the contents of the locker are in their control. If the locker gets stolen from your resort or hotel, it’s your responsibility.

Owner’s Locker recommends if you want insurance, you can secure it yourself elsewhere. If you have homeowner’s insurance, check with them to see if your locker items are covered.

What about scheduling?

Scheduling is very easy, as it’s all done online.

Once you access your account, you’ll visit “My Dashboard” to schedule your next visit. You simply pick your resort, delivery date, pick-up date, and enter the person’s name your hotel reservation is under.

Can you keep track of your items?

You sure can! Via your personal dashboard, you can manage your locker by adding items that you’ve placed inside. This way you can keep track of what you have and what you might need to bring with you next trip.

How much can you store?

The locker is quite roomy and can fit many items. As you can see below, my locker is pretty much full.

Keep in mind that Owner’s Locker provides a list of Don’ts of what to store that include: Illegal items, perishable foods or solvents, valuables, wet bathing suits, etc. They also that you don’t “overstuff your locker.”

Red Owner's Locker container

Where can the locker be delivered?

There’s a list of over 200 resorts in the Orlando area where your Owner’s Locker can be delivered. Browse the full list here.

Who should get an Owner’s Locker?

If you’re someone who only travels to the Orlando area, especially WDW, once a year or rarely, then Owner’s Locker probably doesn’t make sense for you.

However, if you visit WDW regularly (especially if you’re an Annual Passholder), you might want to consider getting Owner’s Locker.

Yes, it’s another expense which might not be worth it to some. But, for me, with how often I travel to WDW and knowing the hassle of packing certain items is already taken care of is worth the price. Of course, taking advantage of the Passholder special is a huge bonus.

I typically visit WDW every two months, so Owner’s Locker is definitely beneficial. I used Owner’s Locker for the first time during my December 2020 trip to WDW and I’m so glad I purchased it.

I actually share this locker with my family. So, keep in mind that multiple people can take advantage of the locker, even if you’re not traveling together.

Overall, Owner’s Locker is not only a time-saver when it comes to packing, but also makes the process less stressful. Plus, this means you’ll have more room in your suitcase for souvenirs!


  1. Thank you so much! One reason I’ve always hesitated to buy a DVC membership is that I would have to bring pots and pans each time (we keep strictly kosher). Now that I know about Owner’s Locker, we are seriously considering a DVC membership.

  2. Thank you for the reminder that Annual Passholders get a discount!!! Prior to reading about the discount, I was on the fence about trying Owner’s Locker. Now I’m in, and first visit scheduled. Thanks again!!

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